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The following terms of sale, negotiation and use of the facilities, shall apply for all events of Food & Beverages and others that occur within the Hotel Casa das Irmãs Dominicanas, in Fátima, Portugal.

Confirmation of Events
All the confirmations of these events shall be confirmed in written form, via fax or email, until the previously established deadline during the proposal/budget negotiations, during which the prices and minimal number of people shall be accorded and considered as minimum amounts for billing purposes.

Safeguard of prices and people
1. In the event of reduction of the initially confirmed number of people, a margin of 10% shall be tolerated.
2. In the event that the reduction of the number of people exceeds the 10% margin, the Hotel, will proceed with the billing corresponding to the amount of 90% of the people confirmed.
3. All annulments made until 48 hours preceding the event, will cause the billing of 50% of the total amount initially estimated;
4. The increase in the number of people initially confirmed, shall be requested in writing within 72 hours preceding the date of the event, and shall only be confirmed by the Hotel, according to our availability.

Policy regarding the refunding of in advance deposits and cancelations
- Within 15 days in advance, the return margin is of 100%
- Within 7 days in advance, the return margin is 50%
- Within 2 days in advance, the return margin is 0%

Schedules for the Hotel Services
All the services that the Hotel provides must be respected by the clients to assure that all sections of the Hotel provide their best service.
In case there are clients that require special planning that do not match the Hotel’s schedule for those services, those changes in the schedule must  be mandatorily informed within a minimum of  24 hours in advance,  to the Hotel management,  and wait that after an analysis of such change, for it  to be confirmed or not.

Deadlines and Terms of Payment
The deadlines and terms of payment for the services that will be provided and /or the use of the Hotel’s facilities, are as follows:

- 50% when confirming the Event
- 50 % when the group departs or Checks-out

The Hotel informs that it is only allowed the abiding of children in the Hotel as long as they are accompanied by his/her parents or a commissionaire and bearing a document for their identification.

1. The Hotel, will not in any case, be responsible for any damages (deterioration, theft, loss), susceptible of affecting the objects or gear entrusted or brought by the clients for the duration of the event.
2. In case of deterioration of any objects or facilities used the client/organizer compromises in restoring them to their original state and to compensate the Hotel, for all the damages that they might cause.
3. The Hotel has an insurance policy of liability that covers any risk of accidents that might occur within its facilities.

1. The client/organizer shall inform the Hotel management, of any photographic, video or other kind of recording that intends to do for the duration of the event.
2. The present information and authorization request shall be requested while negotiating the event and be accorded in written by the Hotel during the confirmation of the event.

1. The client/organizer is advised not to invite people that might have a harmful behavior towards the regular and healthy use of the Hotel by law.
2. The Hotel reserves the right to deny the presence, in the locations reserved and under contract, of people who do not abide the rules for the use of the premise, any time it considers their behavior is interfering with the normal fruition of the services by the remaining clients and users.
3. The client/organizer shall not bring into the Hotel any type of beverage or food, for which they have not obtain the due authorization from the Hotel management.
4. In case of events that involve an exhibition of objects of value, the clients shall contract an insurance that covers any damages that may affect those objects, the Hotel not being responsible in any way for any damage or theft that might occur in the impairment of such objects.
5. The client shall assign two people from the organization of the Event that have the proper authority to request services extra to those initially contracted, regarding any change to do with the schedule of the meals and shall also be responsible for the control of the expenses made regarding the Event.

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